"It'll be this fire, this fire in your stomach…It'll be so strong that you can physically feel it burning inside of you, up through your throat."

The value of self-belief.
The beauty of embracing challenges.
And the power of The Fire Within you.

Let my journey through gymnastics ignite your journey to your dreams.

Competing at the Elite Level of gymnastics in the majestic country of Italy is the realization of my lifelong dream. My story, however, is not about glory. My goal is to show the beauty in life's journey and to inspire other dreamers. We are sometimes so focused on our destination that we don't appreciate the greater piece: how we got there.

Gymnastics is known to be one of the toughest sports in the world. It has taken years of sacrifices, intense training, and the conquering of tough psychological and physical challenges for me to achieve my dream. But I deeply appreciate every obstacle that came my way, because I learned to extract the positives out of any situation. Each setback taught me lessons that made me wiser and stronger. In sharing my own experience, I hope to relate what I learned along the way.

I developed so much appreciation for being fully passionate about my sport. My passion, or "fire" as I refer to it, is how—and why—I embraced the challenges I came up against. We all sometimes underestimate the power of the fire within ourselves, but I learned to believe in myself and in my instincts.

My hope is that my words will light your own fires and encourage you to keep them burning.

Invite Sophia to your gym, school, or organization,
to inspire you with her story and the lessons she learned throughout her journey.

The Book


My inspiration for this project came from reading through my journal as I was going through a rough time period. My story chronicles all my ups and all my downs: how I developed my passion for gymnastics, what inspired my dream, my successes, my setbacks, and everything in between.

I'm grateful for every single experience, including the painful ones, because each challenge I faced taught me a lesson. I want to share what I learned, while narrating my journey.

My main goal is to inspire readers to find the fire within them that will guide them in the pursuit of their dreams.

"Special music, expressive personality, dancing ability, artistic quality of movement—Sophia had it all…I recognized she could climb to the national level. However, she had a major fear of doing a back handspring on beam, which was holding her back from her potential. Discovering how Sophia finally faced down this deep-seated fear is reason alone to read and learn from her story and struggles."

—Famed choreographer Geza Pozsar, from the Foreword

About the Author

About Sophia Campana
About Sophia Campana
About Sophia Campana

Sophia Campana is an Elite level and Professional Artistic Gymnast, recognized on Italian television and as an international speaker.

A lifelong gymnast, Sophia competed at the Colorado State Championships at age eleven, where she won the Floor Exercise. From there, she qualified to seven consecutive Regional Championships and competed in the Cancun Classic in Mexico at age twelve.

At age seventeen, Sophia qualified as a level 10 gymnast to the U.S. National Invitational Tournament. There, she took Gold on Balance Beam, Bronze on Uneven Bars, and Fifth Place All-Around.

With dual-citizenship to Italy, Sophia trained at the Elite level with the Italian National Team and in 2015 competed at Italy's professional level: Seria A. Her team finished on the podium in two of their four competitions, and eventually took First Place at the prestigious Italian Golden League competition.

Pursuing her international gymnastics dream, Sophia has inspired Italy's youngest generation, captured national media attention, and become a media favorite through her appearance on a popular reality show.

With a lifetime dedicated to gymnastics, self-belief, self-discipline, and reaching for personal gold, Sophia has now turned her attention to youth. She speaks around the world, inviting people of all ages to embrace their life passions and pursue their fullest potentials.

Having drawn strong lessons from her challenges on Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor, Sophia is on to her next mission: To help you ignite and spread your own Fire Within.

Sophia makes her home in Colorado and is available for speaking engagements worldwide.

Follow Sophia's journey as you find yours!

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Fire-Works Tour
Fire-Works Tour
Fire-Works Tour
Fire-Works Tour
Fire-Works Tour
Fire-Works Tour

Invite Sophia Campana to inspire your school, team, or organization!

Inside of you are talents and dreams. Are you pursuing your passion?
If not, maybe you don't believe in yourself yet…or maybe you're just afraid.
Your fire within you is what will get you through the toughest of challenges, fears, and doubts to living your dreams. A positive mindset is key.
Embrace your challenges, and you will gain wisdom.
Live what you love, and you will live joy.

Setbacks are inevitable, but nothing can put out The Fire Within.
It is powerful and it is contagious.

Are you ready to ignite YOUR journey? Contact Sophia now to set a date!

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  • Sanvitese
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